Career Calamity: Signs Your Job May Be Careening off Course and How a Career Coach Can Help

Your alarm blares in the wee hours of the morning like a signal of impending doom. You force yourself to get dressed and start the long commute to work. The excitement you once felt about your career is gone, but the pay isn't bad and you have benefits. You justify staying because it's the responsible thing to do. But, should you stay and how can you know when it's time to take another career path? [Read More]

Feeling Down? Two Reasons Why You Should Go To A Motivational Meeting

It happens to nearly everyone. The pressures of life start to weigh you down and suddenly you no longer feel as excited about things as you once did. Work starts to feel tedious and there's no vacation in sight. What do you do? It's time for you to grab life by the horns. Read further so you can see why a motivational meeting could be the answer that you've been searching for. [Read More]

Questions To Ask A Motivational Speaker Before Hiring Him/Her To Speak To Your Sports Team

Motivational speakers can help all sorts of groups, including high school sports teams. For coaches/managers of such organizations, it can make sense to hire a motivational speaker to address your squad in advance of the season or perhaps even before a championship game. Given that you'll likely research some local motivational speakers online in advance of deciding which person to hire, you may have a couple viable candidates whom you're evaluating. [Read More]

3 Best Ways To Motivate Teachers

If you're a principal or school administrator, you know the importance of teachers who are engaged and motivated in their jobs. While most teachers get into their jobs because they love the work and care about the students, teaching is a tough job and it's easy to lose motivation over time. It's your job to help reignite the passion that your teachers have for their work and keep their motivation levels high. [Read More]